How to use children's two-wheeled scooter

Source: Yongkang Duojiasheng Industry&Trade Co.,LtdRelease time: 2021-03-31

Children's two-wheeled scooters are becoming more and more common, and families with children will prepare a scooter suitable for children. So how can children's two-wheeled scooters be used safely? Parents must be very concerned about this issue. In fact, children's two-wheeled scooters are very easy to play, no need to teach, children will soon be able to do it.


1. Hold the handlebar with both hands, just grab it, don't need to be too tight, so that the handlebar can move back and forth to adjust the direction;

2. Stand with one foot on the vehicle board, and push the other foot backward on the ground. After the vehicle gets up, lift or put the foot sliding on the ground on the vehicle board;

3. The faster the pedaling frequency and the greater the strength, the faster the car will go;

4. If you want to stop the car, slowly step on the brake with the sliding foot and wait for the car to stop before landing.