How to choose children's scooters?

Source: Yongkang Duojiasheng Industry&Trade Co.,LtdRelease time: 2021-03-31

I remember reading such a piece of news that the kindergarten should set aside an open space as a "parking lot" for baby scooters, which shows the popularity of this toy. So what should be paid attention to when buying?

A function

In addition to standing scooters, current scooters also include seated 2-in-1 scooters, seated 3-in-1 scooters, etc. As for the three-in-one or even more in one, it is actually not recommended to buy. Take a three-in-one scooter as an example. When switching to a bicycle, you need to install additional pedals. When switching to a scooter, you need to remove the pedals. In some cases, you need to remove the handlebars, and the height is not adjustable. , Troublesome to use, inconvenient storage, low cost performance.

Two material

In terms of material, some scooters are all plastic parts, some are all metal parts, and some scooters are a combination of plastic + metal. How to choose? The all-plastic scooter is lighter, but has a shorter service life; the all-metal scooter is heavier and has obvious abnormal noise when sliding, but has a longer service life; and the plastic + metal combination scooter combines the two Advantages, high cost performance.

Three security

Security is reflected in all aspects. Three-wheeled scooters (some four-wheeled scooters have two wheels next to each other, and I also classify them as three-wheeled scooters) are much more stable than two-wheeled scooters. As far as children's balance scooter is concerned, three-wheeled scooter is the first choice, and two-wheeled scooter is more suitable for adults.

From the material point of view, you should choose metal material, and thicken it. Because once the stem breaks during sliding, the harm to the baby is great. The pedal can be made of plastic, but it is necessary to choose a thick and compressive material with good toughness and heavy load, and there are three-dimensional protective sliding convex patterns to prevent slippage. The handlebars also need to be protected against slipping. If it is a mushroom-shaped handle, it can effectively prevent slippage while ensuring that there will be no sharp protrusions that will cause harm to the baby's body in the event of a fall.

From the perspective of steering control, gravity steering is a control method with high application and high safety. The advantage of gravity steering is that the scooter is steered according to the shift of the body's center of gravity, so it is more convenient for the baby to control.

Four portability

Whether it is a plug-in or a foldable children's scooter, it is easy to carry and store. Don't consider the non-foldable scooter, because you will one day worry about nowhere to put your baby's toys. The handlebar should be height-adjustable. On the one hand, the height of the scooter can be adjusted according to the increase of the baby's height, and the service life is longer; on the other hand, it can be adjusted to the lowest height, and the storage takes up less space.